International musicological conference

dedicated to Pierluigi Petrobelli




Piran/Pirano, Tartini’s Birth House, 8 April 2013

On 8th of April 2013 Piran will celebrate the birthdate of its most famous citizen, the world-wide known violinist and composer Giuseppe Tartini. Baptised on this day in 1692 Giuseppe Tartini spent his early years in his paternal house on today’s Tartini’s Square in the heart of the old Piran. It will be in this very house that a study day dedicated to discussions on latest research into Tartini’s life, works and time frame will take place. Since 1992 it will be the fourth in a raw of international musicological conferences dedicated to Giuseppe Tartini in Piran or the nearby Portorož. The 2013 meeting is dedicated to Tartini’s greatest admirer and best connoisseur of his life and works, Prof Pierluigi Petrobelli, who unfortunately left us in early 2012 leaving behind his enthusiasm for the phenomenon of Giuseppe Tartini. As he was a regular guest of honour at all of the conferences on Tartini organised in Slovenia it is only natural that this meeting is to commemorate also this important Italian scholar and gentleman of the “old school” whom we all liked and admired.

The official language of the conference will be English. Papers in Slovenian and Italian will be accompanied by a power-point presentation in English serving as a summary of the paper. A book of abstracts is planned to come out before the conference.